Is Wish App Legit?

Is Wish App Legit Reddit (Full Details) 2019

Is Wish App Legit?

Is Wish App Legit? This is the question that pop’s up in your mind when you know about the Wish App. Meanwhile yes, it’s a legit question to ask.

Why Is Wish App Legit? Is pop up in your mind?

Because of the prices right? Most probably yes that also put me in deep thinking. So I thought why not to order something and check!

Because this is the only way that will let me know “Is Wish App Legit or not.”

Then I thought of it and drop the idea because I just don’t want to waste the money.

But after some month’s by sharing my Wish Promo Code here and there, I got some cash. I got this by $20 Wish Cash System.

After that, I thought Why not to try something by ordering. Then I just place an order from wish app.

Here is the list of the product’s I order:

  • 3colors Flexible Tripod Gorilla Stand Mount Monopod Holder Octopus
  • Durable Adjustable Chest Mount Harness Chest Strap Breast Belt
  • Action Camera GoPro Accessories Headband Headstrap Professional Mount

After placing the order (I Placed it on June 20, 2018) they give me the delivery timing around 1 month to deliver or more.

I live in India so it is acceptable to me.

Then after 20 days, I received and a package containing my order. One of the items got delivered to me.

And the item I received is:

  • 3colors Flexible Tripod Gorilla Stand Mount Monopod Holder Octopus

I quickly find a knife and opened it because it was my first order from the or Wish App.

What happened next?

I was amazed by the products because I got so cheaper. The product is not that much good but it’s worth the price I paid for it.

Here’s the picture of the product:

As above mentioned the product is kinda nice and usable. Meanwhile, it’s doing its job properly.

Then what happened to those rest two? Just stay tuned I’m gonna update this article soon.

Furthermore, if you want to check the other items check out this youtube video.

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